A young psychiatrist ventures into a lone voyage to fight his depression. On the sea he records stories of people departed from this world prematurely, while what awaits him on the shore is the ultimate irony of life.

Running Time: 100 mins
Written, produced and directed by Scud
DOP Charlie Lam / ART DIRECTOR & COSTUME DESIGNER Irving Cheung / ORIGINAL MUSIC Yu Yat Yiu / EDITOR Chan Chi Wai & Matthew Hui


Ryo van Kooten as Ryo
Susan Shaw as Lady Red
Sebastian Castro as Sebastian
Byron Pang as Yuan
Linda So as May
Liu Peng Fei as Tenger
Jason Poon as Jayson
Leni Speidel as Leni
Debra Baker as Leni’s Mother
Adrian Heung as Adrian
Haze Leung as Ming
Sau Wong as Leela
Ryan Zhu as Ryan
Chan Than San as Tropical Boy

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Cast and Crew

  • Ryo Van Kooten as Ryo

    Ryo van Kooten was born on April 19, 1986 in Amsterdam. He was raised there until the age of 9 when he moved to Amstelveen. When he was 21 he moved back to Amsterdam to live in his own.

    Ryo’s first appearance on the big screen was the role of Ryo in the movie Love Actually…Sucks!, directed by Scud, in which he has already shown his potential. Recently, Ryo’s career hit an upswing with the leading part in Voyage, where he played a depressed, narcissistic and neurotic psychiatrist, which cemented his status as a multi-layered actor.

  • Susan Shaw as Lady Red

    Shaw is an award winning Hong Kong actress. She has been active in the Hong Kong film industry since 1970. Initially a singer, Shaw performed in numerous historical dramas for the Shaw Brothers studios. Shaw’ daring performances brought her into international attention. In 1978, she promoted the film Confession of a Concubine at the Cannes Film Festival and received many offers from overseas directors. Her performances in The Pye Dog (2007) and Gallants (2010) won her the Best Supporting Actresses in Hong Kong Film Festival (HKFF).

    Shaw participated in over 130 films and dramas, including Love Swindler (1976), Vulgaria (2012), Tale from the Dark 1 (2013), Dot 2 Dot (點對點)(2014) and Voyage (遊).

  • Sebastian Castro as Sebastian

    Sebastian is an American-born Peruvian-Japanese actor, singer and visual artist. Castro is most widely known for his first music video “Bubble“, with over a million hits in its first couple months. “Bubble” brought Castro fame across South East Asia. “You’re Gay” is Sebastian’s newest music video released. Voyage is his first feature film performance.