These 12 Movies Exhibit Breathtaking Intimate Scenes Way Better Than Any Blue Film You’ll Ever Watch.

Did they do it or not? That’s the question you always wonder about after watching the intimate scenes in movies. Well, in this movie list the actors went ahead and really did it on screen. You surely don’t want your parents around while watching these films.

1. Dogtooth (2009).
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Though at first you wouldn’t feel like this movie can have intimate scenes as the main theme is a father’s blinding love for his daughters, which compels him to lock away his three adolescent children. But stay with it and you will get the surprise.

2. 9 Songs (2004).
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A musical journey of two longing souls, with the passion for live music. This kind of movies are for die hard romantics and what makes this movie even better are the intimate scenes and oral s**.

3. The Center Of The World (2001).
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The theme can be quite similar to Pretty Woman. The main leads involve into a s**ual arrangement for three days of wild partying and s**. But gradually they fall prey to human emotions.

4. Love (2015).
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This is the only sober picture I found where the three protagonists are in clothes. If you have a knack for threesomes, this movie is perfect to watch. It has above the par steamy intimate scenes and wait for plot twist when one of the girls get pregnant.

5. Lie With Me (2005).
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Once you start watching the movie you’ll realise it’s basically a porn with a lengthy story. Two youngsters burning with animalistic s**ual energy get involved in casual fling, but Leila is seen to struggle with her fear emotional intimacy.

6. The Brown Bunny (2003).
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Some scenes of the movie became so controversial at the time that it ruined the acting career of imminent actress, Chloe Sevigny. Watch for yourself the uncensored scene of Chloe performing fellatio which created the stir.

7. The Dreamers (2003).
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Some movies just leave a disturbing impact on our mind, specially when they show familial relations in an intimate dimension.

8. Nymphomaniac (2013).
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It’s an European art film with a 5 hour duration. But trust me, unlike other art movies, this film based on s*x addiction and terrific acting, is a treat to the eyes.

9. Anatomy Of Hell (2004).
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This movie is all about isolation and loneliness which compels a woman to pay a gay for s*xual pleasures. The intimate scenes are truly exciting to watch.

10. In The Realm Of Senses (1976).
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Enticing, isn’t it? The title itself suggest how pleasurable and intimate the scenes would be. But wait for the end, when the Japanese actress cuts off her partner’s penis and testicles and carries them around in her kimono.

11. Love Actually….Sucks! (2011).
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Does that remind you of a Romantic movie? Yes, the title is a funny wordplay of the film Love Actually. This Hong Kong movie is also based on complicated relationships, except this has a lot more steamy, intimate scenes.

12. Through The Looking Glass (1976).
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No, this movie has nothing to do with ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Some movies really have weird concept. The female protagonist finds herself attracted to her mirror which arouses her s*xual desires.

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