City Without Baseball


時間: 100 分
原案, 製作,監督: スカッド
联合監督 Lawrence Lau / 撮影 Zhang Ying / 美術監督 Wong Yan Kwai / 衣裳デザイナー Cheung Kai Sun / 音楽 Eugene Pao / 編集 Jacky Leung


Leung Yu Chung as Chung
Adrian Heung as Ron
John Tai as Coach Tai
Jason Tsang as Jason
Jose Au as Jose
Hong Lau as Hong
Yan Wei Sha as Ai Ping
Ryan Williams as Kevin
Gia Lin as Meizi
Monie Tung as Kim
Calina Chan as Ron’s mother


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  • Leung Yu Chung as Chung

    Leading man of City Without Baseball and has been pitcher and pitching coach of the Hong Kong baseball delegation. Probably the first professional athlete ever done full frontal nudity in Hong Kong.

  • Adrian Heung as Ron

    Adrian is a Hong Kong baseball player, model, actor, costume designer and art director. Adrian was first discovered by Scud, while he was a member of the Hong Kong national baseball team, in which capacity he appeared in his first film, City Without Baseball. And he started to be art director since the film, Permanent Residence. Some of his works including Rebellion (2009), Rock On! (2010), The Rivers of Babylon (2013) and Voyage.

  • John Tai as Coach Tai

    Started his modelling in Taiwan, was invited to Hong Kong in 2004 as a guest coach of Hong Kong baseball delegation. John is a fitness trainer and the coach of teen teams.