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About Scud

Born in China, had a 20 years IT career, founded a public listed company, travelled 80 countries before settling in Sydney. Realizing that he had fulfilled the dream of others but not his own, he returned to Hong Kong to start Artwalker, producing acclaimed films such as the Berlinale official selection “Amphetamine” (2009) and “Voyage” (2012).

Scud was the tribute honoree and the first Q-Hugo Award recipient in the 49th Chicago International Film Festival and received an “Artistic Achievement Award” for his “Edgy, Tender and Bold Filmmaking”.

Scud’s works include:
City Without Baseball (2007) Permanent Residence (2008) Amphetamine (2009)
Love Actually… Sucks! (2010) Voyage (2012)
Utopians (2016)
Adonis (2017)


  • City without Baseball (2008)

    Scud co-directed his maiden film, City Without Baseball (無野之城) (2008) with Lawrence Ah Mon (劉國昌). It’s about the Hong Kong Baseball Team, in a city where baseball culture is almost non-existent, acted by actual players of the city’s delegation and was based on their own stories. The film caused a lot of controversies for exhibiting male full frontal nudities and touching on intimate brotherhood within a masculine sport. Even the billboards around town were said to be shocking and had to be removed after a complaint filed by one citizen. The film was academically acclaimed, however, awarded by China and Hong Kong critics.

    • Film Critics China – Top 10 Chinese Movie of the Year 2008
    • HK Film Critics Society – Recommended Movie of the Year 2008
  • Permanent Residence (2009)

    Scud solely directs the films he also writes and produces. Permanent Residence (永久居留) (2009) was shot in Israel, Japan, Australia, Thailand, mainland China and Hong Kong. Being the first of his “Trilogy of Finitude”, the film explores the limits of life. It is a story of a gay man who indulges in thoughts of afterlife and passionately falls in love with a straight friend. It’s an immediate hit in Taiwan. While the casting of Osman Hung, a teen idol and vocalist of a leading group stunned the industry, the groundbreaking performance of Sean Li, another leading man, won him a Best New Actor Award in China.

    • 10th Chinese Film Media Awards – Best New Actor
    • 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 20th Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Official Selection (Director’s Cut)
    • 10th Taipei Film Festival – Special Reserved Screening (Director’s Cut)
    • 25th Torino GLBT Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Amphetamine (2010)

    Amphetamine (安非他命) (2010) is the second of the Trilogy, exploring the limits of passion. It was an official selection by the Berlin International Film Festival of the year and nominated for Teddy Award at the Berlinale. It was also the closing film of the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival, and one of the leading men, Byron Pang, was nominated the Best New Actor in the Hong Kong Film Award. The film met controversy again, despite the fame, when the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority demanded 5 spots of the film to be cut before public screening. Scud protested the decision and wrote to the Chief Executive. Eventually the shots were blackened-out but with the soundtrack intact.

    • 60th Berlinale Panorama – Official Selection
    • 24th Teddy Award – Runner Up
    • 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival – Closing Film
    • 25th Torino GLBT Film Festival – Competition
    • 46th Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 12th Rio International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 30th Hawaii International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 30th Hong Kong Film Awards – Best New Actor Nomination
  • Love Actually…Sucks! (2011)

    Love Actually…Sucks! (愛很爛) was Scud’s fourth film, inspired by real life cases of love gone bad and mad. It is Scud’s tribute to “Love Actually”. However it comprises 6 unblessed love stories not only glorified with romance or harmony, or that love conquers all, instead depicts the dark side of passionate love, compromised by lust, violence and death. The genuine sex scenes and an incest plot rendered the film’s released been delayed by over a year in Hong Kong and Taiwan, only possible after as many as 11 “processing”. The film premiered in Philadelphia and released in US and Europe uncut.

    • 47th Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • Philadelphia Q-Fest 2011 – Official Selection
  • Voyage (2013)

    What Scud once believed to be his final film, Voyage (遊) (2013) is about depression, suicide, premature death and afterlife. It’s based upon his own experience of depression, and those of his friends’, some had lost their battles of life. It was filmed entirely in English, shot in Inner Mongolia, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong. The film opened in the 49th Chicago International Film Festival and received an Artistic Achievement Award. Scud was the first tribute honoree of Q-Hugo, for his contributions in LGBT film community, and in appreciation of his “edgy, tender, and bold filmmaking”.

    • 49th Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 1st Q Hugo Award
    • 37th São Paulo International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • Kyoto International Film and Art Festival 2015 – Special Invitation
  • Utopians (2015)

    Utopians (同流合烏) (2015) will be Scud’s 6th and latest film, and is about sexual repression and liberation, homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality, religious belief and civil doctrine, honesty and hypocrisy, dreams, legends and realities.

    • 2nd New Director Film Festival – Official Selection & Best Foreign Film Director
    • 27th Palm Springs International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 13th Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 31st Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 27th Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 52nd Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection
    • 6th Fringe! Queer Film& Arts fest – Official Selection
  • Adonis(2017)

    Yang Ke, a Beijing Opera actor, is fatefully driven into the underworld of masculine sex workers, and becomes a class of his own. He finds himself on a roller coaster between heavenly love with both men and women, and a living hell ensnared by devious villains and hypocrites. Despite his faith, endeavor and willingness to give, he remains a prisoner to his karma. Hell awaits when heaven seems near, and the ultimate truth is revealed only in a heartbreaking moment from which there is no return.